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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Toy Review

We love brain-building toys! So we checked out a few that your little adventurer may be eyeing at the toy store.
the Ultimate Spy Watch by Spy Gear looked so cool! with its ability to decode secret messages, tell time in different time zones and stop watch capabilities!!!! Sounds Cool, Right?! ... but we could not get it to work :o(

Elenco EDU-37329 T-Rex Skeleton Kit is AWESOME!!!!!  It is 3 ft long when fully assembled! it looks like something right out of a real dinosaur museum... a must have for the dino-enthusiast!
The Smithsonian Microscope is a lightweight beginners microscope for the budding scientist. It comes with all the equipment needed to start micro-exploration... and we found it at Michael's 50% off :oD

The Sonic Sleuth is not just for ease dropping on your big sister's conversations... it can be a great tool for listening to all the little creatures on your afternoon nature walks...and this is really cool too!

Legos are the ultimate brain workout for any kid, it builds math skills, creativity and just may turn your kid into the biggest pint-sized architect on the playground.