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Friday, February 24, 2012

Little Green Thumbs

Gardening had never been so simple... or so GREEN! 
We started an indoor herb garden in our kitchen window using recycled applesauce cups ( free), garden pellets ( $2.50 at Walmart) and of course... seeds ( prices will vary)  and we made little markers using toothpicks, paper, and clear tape.

We put the pellets in the cups and poured warm water over them, after they expanded we removed the net casing ( you don't have to do this but we wanted to see the roots grow), we stuck a finger in the middle, dropped in a few seeds and lightly cover them up. Then we set them in a sunny window and watered them regularly to keep the soil moist. In a about a week we saw sprouts and the kids where so excited!

***this is a great science project for your little one to teach them about recycling and the life cycle of plants :o)