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Saturday, October 3, 2015

R2-D2 Deco Light... Awesomeness!!!

When I came home, my dad surprised me with the R2-D2 deco light from Target.  I was super happy because I love Star Wars!!! ....I even have four different light sabers!!! Which I'll be happy to talk about later, but right now I'm talking about the R2-D2 deco light.   

It comes with a large sticker that looks like a crack in the wall , half of R2-D2 and the needed screws. It is super easy to put on the wall .... About 15 minutes if you're trying to be neat with the sticker. There  are two lights and a timer on the side. It is pretty much a giant night light that runs on batteries. But it's only the coolest night light EVER!... for only $19.99... Well, I guess that is kind of pricey for a night light... But it is SO COOL!!!... and the perfect addition to any Star Wars bedroom! 

Happy Collecting :)