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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chima Legos : The Ultimate Living Room Adventure

We love Legos! The brain power that it takes to build these things is phenomenal! It is simply amazing me to see a small child following the instruction book, page by page, with such determination and dedication until the construction is complete. AMAZING! 
...and the story lines that are now available with the specialty pieces, has the kids wrapped up in a world of adventure that they can build in their own living room... keeping their hands and minds busy for hours.

They are recommended for ages 8-14, but my kindergartener is a Lego veteran and enjoys putting these sets together (plus, we know he will not put any of the pieces in his mouth... trust me, if we thought he would he would not have them)
The TV Show for Chima speaks of the power of sharing and community involvement and about what can happen when a world is divided... these large concepts are presented in a Lego adventure that will even have mom and dad asking, " What will happen next?"