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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Science Time: Cloud Watching

It was beautiful day today and there were wispy clouds floating in the sky so we decided to learn about clouds.What are clouds? A whole bunch of tiny water droplets that are so small they float in the air.

How are clouds made? When the sun heats up water on earth it turns into gas which floats up in the air and when the gas gets really high it started to cool off and turn into water droplets which group together to form clouds.

Types of Clouds:
  • cumulus : the puffy clouds that look like cotton balls
  • stratus: the big cloud blankets... when they are really close to the ground we call them fog
  • cirrus: wispy, stringy clouds
  • nimbus: clouds that have rain or snow falling from them.
Go outside and draw pictures of the clouds you see in your science notebook. Then see if you can name the different kinds of clouds.