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My Froggy Heros

Froggy Heroes - The Backstory
I have been looking a great club to put my kids in... but I need a club that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, has good values, promotes education and exploration, physical activities, arts and crafts and what ever else I think is important... oh and a few more things... needs to be for my kids current age group and for boys and girls since I have one of each and it needs to have a flexible schedule...

...but can you believe that I could not find such a group :o(

.... so that is when I had the bright idea to start my own group/club My Froggy Heroes

( I had toyed with the idea before but now I am determined to see it through... at least for my own kids)

Become a Froggy Hero
like in many clubs, in My Froggy Heroes the kids ( and parents... why not, the kids will think it is more fun if you do it too) can earn badges, buttons, or whatever else mommy/daddy feels like using to show that they have learned something new, then attach said item to a sash, hat or bag... it is really up to you.

for example: You take the kids outside to look at the stars and explain to them that they are far away and big balls of burning gas and help them to find the big dipper and stuff like that... well, now they just earned a star badge so you find some star buttons at the craft store and sew them onto a hat.... Congrats!!!

... now take a picture of your club and their new badges (please tell us what the badges were for) and send it to us on our Facebook page My Froggy Stuff and we will post a few on our blog... your kid will love that :o)

Your club can just be your kids, or you can make it social by inviting some friends and we will post badge earning activity ideas here on My Froggy Boy.

OK, so that is it :o)

Badge Earning Activity Ideas
You are more than welcome to come up with some ideas of your own... maybe you can even share them with us :o)

  • look at the stars and explain what they are made of
  • where does juice come from? show them how juice is made from squeezing fruit... let them give it a try
  • learn how to play baseball, teach them the rules and play a friendly game... you can buy a kit from www.nays.org 
  • plant a container garden with recycled plastic containers from your very own kitchen
 more to come...

Here are a few ideas from The National Wildlife Federation

Clean up a local park or stream.
Teach a water monitoring class or educate others about ecosystems and threats to wildlife.
Work to get their home/town certified as a Community Wildlife Habitat.
Submit observations to a citizen science program.
Check out more Outdoor Activities

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